Introducing: Unveil

I am starting this second project alongside The Cave for two reasons:
A) I am making this game in Construct 2 rather than Game Maker, so I can get more experience with this software
B) So I can come back to The Cave later with some fresh ideas later on.

Unveil is a simple brick breaker game, where the player must bounce a ball off the paddle to smash bricks. Behind these bricks will be a (hopefully) randomised piece of artwork. As the player clears the board, power-ups may drop, granting him benefits like a faster paddle. Bombs may also drop from broken blocks to destroy the players paddle, losing him the game. I’ll probably go more in-depth with difficulty levels and power-ups when I have the main base of the game down. I should have pictures on this work in progress relatively soon, so that’s something to look forward to!



Introducing: The Cave

The Cave is the first game I am trying to create. I have already been working on this for some time in Game Maker, using a mix of the program’s simple D&D commands, and the software’s very own GML language. It is a 2D “Metroidvania” platformer where the player must collect items to progress throughout a dark cave. Their spaceship has been badly damaged, and they must find the parts and the fuel to repair it deep underground. The game world is made up of five “sectors” or “worlds”, and I am currently in the process of creating the fourth.

Ideally this game shouldn’t take more than a couple more weeks to complete – most of the back end work is done, I just have to create levels and puzzles. I also need to create a huge new set of sprites, music and sound effects for my game, as not many of my placeholders are copyright free! So some pretty big barriers so far, but I am going to try and overcome them.

I will post again in a while with an update on the games progress. This is easily the biggest project I have made so far, and it’s likely my future endeavours will be a little more scaled back.