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Download: Sector Z

It’s been a long time since I last took care of this, and I apologise unreservedly to my huge supply of readers! University work has been keeping me busy for the time, but other than two exams left, I’ve handed in all my coursework and now I can get back to this hobby!

And with that comes the download link for Sector Z on the Windows 8 App Store!
I’ve put a £1 price tag on it because I’m a jammy git who likes to try my luck, but it has a 24 hour free trial on it for everybody who wants to play!

I’ve reserved “Unveil” on the Windows 8 App Store as well, so expect to see that one up as soon as possible also!

Sector Z:


Introducing: (the completed!) Sector Z!

Introducing: (the completed!) Sector Z!

This is a picture of a completed game, and the very first I’m going to upload onto my blog!
You must complete missions, earn credits, use the Ship Builder to add weapons and customizations, and when you feel you are ready, try and liberate the people of Sector Z from the bad guys!

This is a picture of the hugely destructive Microwave Laser weapon you can purchase. Download links will be up soon.

I also intend on uploading this game to the Windows Store, so it can be played within the Windows 8 ecosystem – watch this space!

Thanks – I know it’s been a week or two since my last post! 😦

Now I know what you’re all thinking…

Now I know what you're all thinking...

You’re dying for me to share what I was going on about in my last post. I can tell. But I’m not going to give you anythi….how did that screencap get there?

Be right back, I’m going to go call my lawyer.

I’ve been very busy

After experimenting with new save systems for The Cave, I found myself continuing on the project I had open. I’ve been at it literally all day today, and I feel incredibly excited by how it’s turning out. Not going to say more until there’s more to show, but this one is turning up something special.

I know I still need to finish The Cave and Unveil, but I’m too excited about this one to let it go just yet!

Watch this space, I’m really happy with what’s coming.


We almost had a major problem.

The software I’d been using for the Cave was ridiculously outdated, so I paid out a reasonable amount of cheddar for a version that could export to the Windows Store. Lined up all of my assets, made a couple of back-ups, ready for the big changeover, and then began the big switch!

Which promptly annihilated everything.

Animations were broken, particle effects were everywhere, frame rate slowed down to a crawl, broken save system and general technical mischief has ruled the last two hours!

Not all hope is lost though – I’ve done a pretty good job of fixing everything back up again. (if I may say so myself!). Animations and particles are fixed, frame rate is back up to scratch, and now it’s time to work on the in-game saves! It’s a bit of a pain, but this pretty much future-proofs me now for a long time, and the ability to upload my games to an online marketplace means I might finally make some progress!

So all in all, almost a catastrophe, but I feel very productive!


The Cave – World Map

The Cave - World Map

This is a map of the entire game world of The Cave. Each different sector is colour coded (settled on seven in the end!) and I’ve been working off this map pretty much since I started putting the world together.

I’ve just started work on the ‘brown’ sector, and then all I have left is the red one. The big arrow is where the player begins the game, but I removed the locations of items from the map, as that’s cheating!

The Cave – Progress Update

The Cave - Progress Update

I’ve been working really hard on The Cave for the last three days, and I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together – A bolt of inspiration struck me and the amount of ‘sectors’ in the game has gone up from five to six! I’m just polishing off the fifth world now, it’s just a job of creating the final one and then generally polishing the game to a sheen.
I’m really looking forward to the finished product, I’ve spent a whole lotta hours on this one. I hope everyone enjoys it when it’s finally finished.


Demo of The Cave

Demo of The Cave

This is a working demo of the Cave. It is slightly buggy and their are a couple of issues with the player characters animation.
I should note that a lot of the graphics are placeholders, and I do not own any of the music. I intend to swap these for copyright free versions later. This information can be read by pressing “C” at the title screen also.


First screenie of The Cave

First screenie of The Cave

A first look at the Cave platformer I’ve been working on. It’s important for me to say that the sprites for the Alien character and the HUD are not mine and I don’t own them, they are placeholders until I can find something to use myself. I may release a demo of the game very soon.

I’ve done a lot of work on Unveil, I’d guess at 2-3 more hours until it’s completed. Going to cut a break for tonight though!


First image of Unveil!

First image of Unveil!

This is roughly what Unveil is going to look like. This is actually the second iteration of the game. I forgot to save the first time and Construct 2 completely crashed on me, so I had to start again. I think it did some good in the long run though, as
A) The game now looks ‘much’ better than before
B) I changed it into a mobile phone game to be played on a touch-screen rather than a keyboard.

I still need to add power-ups and balance the game for challenge, but I’m pleased with how it’s coming along so far.